Christmas preparations

I wonder if you enjoy preparing for Christmas. Being retired certainly helps as there is usually plenty of time to think about what you want to do. I enjoy making personalised gifts wherever possible though it’s not always viable. I used to like making gifts for the grandchildren; now they are grown up money in an envelope is what they enjoy best.

Last week I made the Christmas puddings. One large one and 6 individual. Ken said he had to taste one which he did. The look on his face was of pure bliss. We always go through the ritual of stirring and wishing and then taking a photo.


Today I got started on job of cooking Gingerbread Houses. Every year from way back I’ve made gingerbread houses which the children decorate at a family gathering just before Christmas. They all love it and even though my eldest grandson is 20 he still wants to be involved. Last year he and his girlfriend came and stuck the houses together with icing cement ready for decoration. This year I need nine houses so the cooking has to be done in two batches. What an undertaking.

Nic with his girlfriend Sarah cementing the gingerbread houses

Nic with his girlfriend Sarah cementing the gingerbread houses

I’d love to hear what you are planning.


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