Christmas is almost here

Yes, Christmas is around the corner and I know you will all be very busy.  Like weddings, Christmas is more expensive and lavish than it was compared with 50 years ago, but at its heart it’s still about being with family and friends, even if the way we do it has changed.  

Putting up the tree, however, small gives me a festive feeling and displaying some cards that I have stored away from long gone relatives, especially my Mother with her words of love, fills me with nostalgia and happiness.

As mentioned in my previous blog I have tried to make as many of my Christmas gifts as I can.  The task is almost complete but I have to admit wondering what I was doing to myself whilst beavering away. 

The blanket I’ve made for my second grandson, Jesse, a big lad, was a huge job, spinning the wool, dyeing in various colours and then crocheting.  Here’s a photo of the completed work.  It’s not a secret gift because he requested it after seeing his brother’s blanket which I made for a 23rd Birthday present.  

I can’t post photos of the other items until they have been distributed.  Ken asked what I thought I would be doing next year.  To be truthful I think I may be buying small gifts.  It’s not really the making of them, it’s deciding what everyone would like which is hard to determine.   I read recently how so many gifts are unwanted and stored or thrown away.  That’s a bit of a worry isn’t it.

Thank you all so much for reading my blog posts throughout the year;  I’ve enjoyed sharing my thoughts and interests with you and receiving your comments.  Continue making the best of your retirement.  I know some of you or your partners are battling ill health and to you I send my hopes for a speedy recovery

None of us knows what 2018 will bring but don’t stop planning your projects and activities, it’s what keeps us looking forward with enthusiasm.  


Gingerbread House made by my granddaughter Emma -a yearly tradition.



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About Janice Graham

I was born in England in 1938 and migrated to Australia in 1976. During my working years, along with my husband Ken, I managed a goat dairy and distribution business supplying health food products. At the same time I took up the challenge of helping build a mud brick home and lived a somewhat 'alternative' lifestyle. Since retirement I have published three e-books, two on vegetarian cookery and a collection of short stories from my younger years. My pastimes are studying the Spanish language, volunteering as a Crisis Counsellor and Community Visiting. I have been married for 54 years, have a son and a daughter and five grandchildren plus a little terrier called Sophia.


  1. Janet Staben

    Hi Janice yes Saturday was indeed a fun day enjoyed every minute of it. I was so impressed with your projects for Xmas I came home deciding to give some of the things I created while travelling away as Xmas gifts. I went to the pool in Poowong with Hannah and the children on Sunday and got a little burnt great fun though.
    Hope you have a marvellous Xmas and look forward to catching up in the New Year.
    Hugs Janet

  2. christine

    I, too, try to make most of my Christmas presents. It is stressful knowing what to make, is it right, will they like it, but it’s also so satisfying to make things with people in mind. Today I’ve made 84 mince tarts for Christmas goody bags (and yes, I am a compulsive counter). So, a bit wrecked, but happy. Look forward to starting the new year with all its potential for us as spinners and crafters.
    Have a wonderful Christmas
    Hugs, Christine


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