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Sitting in the shade of a beautiful palm, which incidentally I bought in a small pot many years ago, I have been enjoying the glorious autumn weather and reflecting on the 101 ways in which we can enjoy retirement.  There are so many opportunities to be explored whatever our interests and abilities.

I hope by sharing my ideas, reading about what other retirees are doing and deciding what you have always wanted to do but never before had the time, you are really going to RETIRE AND ENJOY.

Today I want to tell you about Lesley who visited recently.  Some of you may recall an item I posted a while ago about how Lesley, who had been recently widowed, had been knitting the most amazing and colourful scarves which were being worn by friends and relations travelling around the world.  Lesley has now realised her dream of starting to paint and without receiving any formal training, has found her talent.  Her aim is to steadily improve so that she can paint and do justice to a picture of her late husband, David, though I am sure she already has the ability.

Have a look at some of her work:



Ken has been continuing with his short film making activities and enjoying every moment.  Recently he attended a Working Horse and Tractor Rally and from that has, in his own words, produced his best film ever.  Joining the Wonthaggi Movie Makers was certainly a good decision and has provided many hours of occupation.  He’s now called himself:   KENNYBOY PRODUCTIONS.  


I’ll be back with more ideas and achievement tales soon.


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