PROJECTS FOR 2015 (07/01/15)

Hello all – We are one week into the New Year and I’ve been taking it pretty easy.  I told Ken I was on holiday at stopathome so not to expect too much in the way of catering.  After all that festive food our digestions can certainly do with a rest.

I’ve been mulling over ideas for projects and have been inspired by my friend Wendy who, for some time, has been knitting hats for friends and family.  These hats have travelled to France, America, UK and around Australia with their recipients and in some cases have been seen on Facebook.  What a great talking point their travels can be and a worthwhile project if you are looking for an idea.  Here are some of Wendy’s creations:

Wendy told me that the idea for the hats came, in  part, from an article she read in the Washington Post entitled:   At prison, knitting class that isn’t necessarily about knitting.  It demonstrates how the act of making something for someone else can be therapeutic. You may  like to read this article so I’m putting the link here.

Prison knitting class that isn’t necessarily about knitting

Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce Wendy’s knitting pattern because it is covered by copyright but I did go on line and find a site where you can download free patterns with related categories for scarves, gloves, slippers, socks and leg warmers. Link below:

Now it’s up to me to decide what I am going to knit.  I think I might start with a hat for my grandson Nicholas who seems to like wearing something on his head at all times though I have to say that today with 38C heat, knitting does not appeal.



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One thought on “PROJECTS FOR 2015 (07/01/15)

  1. Joan Blain

    I admire Wendy for her efforts with the hats and being able to spread therm around the globe to friends and family. It’s also interesting to learn about Janice’s friends.
    Well done Janice too for deciding to make a hat for Nicholas.
    Good luck.


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