Hello all – thanks for continuing to read my Blog.  It has given me immense enjoyment so far and I hope to continue sharing my ideas and projects with you.

Today I thought I might share with you the progress of one of Ken’s video projects.  In a past post, under the category  ‘Joining a Club’,  I talked  about how Ken had joined a movie makers club and had the idea for a video story which traced printing methods back to the time 60 years ago when he was an apprentice.  I have to say, this is still a work in progress, as it has proved to be a bigger challenge than at first thought but he has been laying the ground work and it will be produced in the future.  In the meantime making films/videos has certainly been an unimaginable  learning curve for Ken which has kept him occupied for hours.  So if anyone out there really wants a project to get involved in, I can recommend joining a film and movie makers club.

At club meetings films are submitted for critique by participating members.  One of the most difficult things is to keep the movie within 6 minutes as apparently this is the time frame you have to maintain viewers interest.    Ken’s first effort was far too long.  Other problems include  subject matter so now he is on a quest looking for ideas.  Tomorrow we are going to a Swap Meet where there will be vintage cars and the following weekend to a dahlia and quilt making show.  Just goes to show how many opportunities there are for enjoyment when you decide to join a club.

I thought I would include one of Ken’s short movies which is of our garden.  Have to say that caused heaps of complications because the film has to be converted into the correct format.  After many false starts and disappointments, we found that the format that best suited being added to a Blog was the YouTube format.  Ken’s not that happy with the colour quality, which on the original is perfect, but I think it does give an idea of what he is trying to do.

He says he has many more skills to master but the opportunities for enjoyment and learning will certainly keep him occupied.  You can find Wonthaggi Movie Makers Club on Facebook.

Looking forward to hearing from my readers.


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  1. joan Blain

    How colorful yor garden is. I know this is your summer, but compared with my winter garden, yours isuplifting to see. Thank youi.


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