Give your husband a haircut

Have you thought about giving your husband or partner a hair cut? It’s an enormous saving of money and time, provided of course you do a reasonably good job and you don’t land up not speaking to each other.

I started giving Ken, my husband, his hair cuts a couple of years ago. The idea was born when he came home frustrated from the local hairdressers not having been able to park the car, missing his turn and having to wait 45 minutes, by which time his car parking limit had been exceeded.

He was a bit wary of the idea at first but we went shopping for what is now termed ‘a grooming kit for men’. This turned out to be quite inexpensive, in fact the same price as one haircut, and included different size cutting heads, combs, scissors, cleaning fluid and even a cape.

I can tell you that the first session was really scary. Ken’s hair is thick at the back but very thin on the top. Before I started I decided to watch a couple of instruction videos on YouTube. There are heaps to choose from and I think it’s very important to do this before taking the plunge. In my case it proved to be the best idea otherwise I really wouldn’t have had a clue.

The first cut wasn’t that bad though it was a bit uneven in thickness but with practice, well not too much of that, you can do a really good job and it’s very satisfying too. It’s a haircut on demand.

I am sure my son will remind me of the time I cut his hair way back when he was a kid. We were a bit short of cash at the time. The result was terrible, he looked like Friar Tuck and was scared to go to school for fear of the taunts he was likely to receive. Funny how your children always remember your failures and enjoy bringing them up at inappropriate moments.


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About Janice Graham

I was born in England in 1938 and migrated to Australia in 1976. During my working years, along with my husband Ken, I managed a goat dairy and distribution business supplying health food products. At the same time I took up the challenge of helping build a mud brick home and lived a somewhat 'alternative' lifestyle. Since retirement I have published three e-books, two on vegetarian cookery and a collection of short stories from my younger years. My pastimes are studying the Spanish language, volunteering as a Crisis Counsellor and Community Visiting. I have been married for 54 years, have a son and a daughter and five grandchildren plus a little terrier called Sophia.

3 thoughts on “Give your husband a haircut

  1. Jo Marty

    Although we are not retired I have cut my husband’s hair for as long as we have been together which is 40 years! My uncle was a hairdresser and I used to watch him carefully as a child when he gave our whole family haircuts. Yes the first time is daunting but thankfully my husband has zero vanity! The only time he has used a professional hairdresser was on our wedding day since I was a bit preoccupied that day. These days his hair is thinning and grey so I just use electric clippers now. My husband really appreciates home haircuts because he has a very busy work schedule and loathes waiting. Jo

  2. Joan Blain

    I too am an at home hairdresser. I’ve cut my childrens’ hair for ever. When my youngest was about 11 he asked for a ‘mowhikan’. I think that’s how it’s spelt! I made him wait untill the long summer school holidays so that it had time to grow out before term started again. The older boys were nick named ‘skinner’ when they were at school because I cut it so short. My daughter even now also cuts her childrens’ hair. So she’s following in Mum’s footsteps. Think of not only the pleasure, but the money saved! Hair cuts now cost £10 a time in this country – England.

  3. Joan Blain

    My husband also prefers me cutting his hair in our kitchen rather than him having to drive out to a barber. Good.


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