Enjoying good company

What could be better on a lovely sunny spring day than sitting down to lunch with a good friend. It’s one of the joys of being retired that we can invite our friends around for a relaxed lunch, afternoon tea, or just a chat.

That’s what I did last Tuesday when my friend Rhonda came for a visit. We roamed around the garden, chatted about our interests, we are both volunteers in the same organisation, and relaxed over a vegetarian lunch. Ken joined in, though he was not that keen on the lentil parcels and sweet potato accompaniment neither did he much care for a bread I came up with produced from Harina de Maiz Azul, i.e. blue maize flour from Mexico. Actually it was absolutely delicious. It’s a sort of tea bread with blueberries. I bought the flour recently when we went to a Mexican Festival in Melbourne. I searched the internet for a suitable recipe which I was able to follow in Spanish. I’ll post the recipe later (in English of course). I’m sure ordinary maize flour could be substituted.

Rhonda came with a magnificent bunch of flowers. Here’s a photo so you can all enjoy.


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About Janice Graham

I was born in England in 1938 and migrated to Australia in 1976. During my working years, along with my husband Ken, I managed a goat dairy and distribution business supplying health food products. At the same time I took up the challenge of helping build a mud brick home and lived a somewhat 'alternative' lifestyle. Since retirement I have published three e-books, two on vegetarian cookery and a collection of short stories from my younger years. My pastimes are studying the Spanish language, volunteering as a Crisis Counsellor and Community Visiting. I have been married for 54 years, have a son and a daughter and five grandchildren plus a little terrier called Sophia.

2 thoughts on “Enjoying good company

  1. Rhonda Jobe

    When the sun shines, the birds twitter and the garden delights at the same time as you enjoy good company and delicious food you know the day is one out of the box. It was a surreal day that felt like an indulgence; as if I was in another world that lifted my spirits and made my heart sing. I was humming when I drove home and counted my blessings – it was magic.
    It is so easy to become bogged down with family commitments, the job list and juggling time but all that melts away on a beautiful day. I guess it is about balancing the times when your head is on the clouds, your feet are earthed and your hands are productive.

  2. Joan Blain

    Thaty all sounds like the very best way to spend time – with a friend.
    It makes me look forward to arranging some time with my good friend Ann.


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