Dressmaking 30/11/12

Hi everyone, with Christmas in mind I decided to make a dress for the big day. Dressmaking, or in fact any type of sewing, can be really relaxing and creative especially if you have plenty of time. There are not so many material shops around now where you can source first class fabric. Last year, whilst searching the internet for something special, I found Bloom Fine Fabrics and Trims. They supply Peruvian Pima Cotton which is prized the world over for its exceptional softness, brilliant lustre and strong staple along with other organic and European materials. To date I have purchased three lengths, one a beautiful jersey and just recently some Pima Cotton for my current effort. Although the Pima is $20/metre it is 150cm wide so my dress has cost me $35. You may like to have a look at the site for yourself and be inspired. I will put a link at the end of this post.

I have always sewn my own clothes from the time my Aunt Helen helped me make an outfit for a college interview when I was 15. In those days we used a Singer Treadle Machine and when my Aunt’s sight became poor she donated me with the machine which I used for at least 10 years. That machine could tell so many stories as Auntie had made my mother’s wedding dress on it, all her own clothes, curtains and furnishings and I continued the tradition. As a child I remember standing by her side whilst she made Christmas Stockings. Do you know, whenever I start sewing, Auntie comes a calling. I hear her advice in my ear; everything had to be done perfectly.

Recently I bought myself a dressmakers dummy. Afterwards I couldn’t think why because I have managed for all these years without one. It was one of those spur of the moment things. I have called her Doris and she had her first fitting today:

Doris being fitted with the Pima Cotton dress

Doris being fitted with the Pima Cotton dress

Here is the link for Bloom Fine Fabrics

Bloom Fine Fabrics and Trims

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  1. Joan Blain

    I too made all my own clothes. Even when I was living in Canada where I had no sewing machine, I made a dress by hand. After we were married I made Keith a summer suit and when the children came along I made all their clothes. Knitting too. Once I made jumpers with the same wool for Keith and myself and all the children. We were on holiday and I ran ahead taking a picture of them and some people went by and one said “Someone’s been busy.” Thinking back, I spent every evening either mending or knitting and loved it.


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